About Progression

Progression is a highly successful raiding guild formed on 3 August 2007 located on the Alliance side of Stormrage, the highest population US-PvE server. Progression is a tight-knit, semi-hardcore progression guild made up of friends who like to raid mythic content in their spare time. We try very hard to bring together a fun engaging community while also putting in the effort and preparation needed to kill mythic raid content. We understand the demands of our members lives, careers, and other hobbies, so we rarely push strict requirements on our raiders. We ask that our members be generally reliable and communicate well.

Our team goal is to achieve Cutting Edge each tier while progression at a reasonable, competitive pace, and to have fun while doing it.

Guild Achievement Runs


At Progression you can expect leaders to be approachable and sensible when it comes to all aspects of our community. You can expect that all member's opinions are important and will be taken seriously as it could affect the guild's decisions, both raiding and community. Through our team we work together to ensure our camaraderie is solidified within our community. 

We approach raids in a fun level-headed manner and encourage raiders in our learning first environment in order to help improve all areas of their play. We enjoy like minded individuals and you can ensure members and officers alike will go out of their way to help any members to improve. We understand that mistakes are going to happen during progression and we work as a team to solidify our weaknesses and exploit our strengths in order to take out Azeroth's fiercest enemies!

"Bears are Just Awesome"


Established Community

The leadership and members take the community serious, as it is the backbone to our guild. We sanction a teamwork and family first community as it is what defines us. As a member of Progression you can expect to be treated like family.

Discord is the foundation that ties our family together, you can expect to never find a dull moment within the voice/text chat. Through raiding our main activity as a team, much of our family partakes in many gaming titles outside of WoW. Much like family we are quick and accepting of others into our activities.

Progression has brought purpose and a sense of community to all of its members. You can expect to be treated like family and be prepared to return it back. Progression has taken the extra step to ensure all their members has a place they can call home.

A place to call home